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I am the owner and guide of She Flew Birding Tours, a Colorado based bird watching tour company. The goal of every group at She Flew Birding Tours is to see, hear and enjoy your target birds. You can expect to spend some time listening to their vocalizations and watching their behavior. When you sign up for a trip with me, you’re sure to get a quality, safe guided tour that is affordable and fun. You don’t need to be an expert to go on any trip as all levels are welcome. If desired, we can make time for bird photography along the way. Contact me for more information. See you in the field!

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Rocky Mountain National Park Tours

This 415 square mile park boasts 282 bird species, amazing mammals and wildflowers. Enjoy incredible views of mountains, lakes, tundra, and the longest paved alpine road in the country. Come spend a full or half-day bird watching in this spectacular mountain park.

Grouse Tours

Want to see six species of grouse in one state? Need a Gunnison Sage-Grouse on your life list? Have you always wanted to see a White-tailed Ptarmigan? Would you like to experience the amazing spectacle of an early morning lek? Pick one of my 3 day Grouse Tours! Contact me for more information. Signing up now for 2017!

Check Out Our Gallery

Bird outings make a perfect gift for the bird watcher in your family. I have full-day and half-day trips or we can explore your favorite local spots. Click the button below for the latest photos, videos and audio recordings to learn what is possible!

Your tour leader and owner, Sue Riffe, has been birding for over 20 years, seen 700+ ABA birds and specializes in identifying and describing bird songs. Getting on the target bird is very important. Sue has a knack for explaining where the birds are so everyone can hear, see, learn and enjoy. Having been a public school music teacher for 22 years, she has lots of patience. I offer individual tours, small group tours, senior tours, all women tours and photography tours. Families are always welcome!