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Starting from Denver on a beautiful April morning, our first stop was Genesee Mountain Park. At just over 8,000 feet, we had our first chance for Rocky Mountain specialty species. Singing Pie Grosbeak was a delight as well as Pygmy Nuthatch,…
She Flew Birding Tours photo


Denver was our starting point for this year’s Plains Prairie-Chicken 2016 Tour. It was a beautiful spring day as we drove east to the Greeley wetlands. Three Burrowing Owls were our first target and included a beautiful Taiga Prairie Merlin.…
She Flew Birding Tours photo

South Park Gunnison 2016 Tour

Our three day April 2016 tour had amazing weather. It was clear, light winds and high in the 70”s. Leaving Denver at sunrise, we headed for Genesee Mountain Park. At 8,000 feet, this area contains Douglas-fir, Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pines.…


Species Description:  The Gunnison sage-grouse (Centrocercus minimus) is a species of sage-grouse found south of the Colorado River in Colorado and Utah.  They are about one-third smaller than the greater sage-grouse, and males have more distinct, white barring on their tail feathers, longer and more dense filoplumes on their necks.  Female Gunnison and greater sage-grouse have nearly the same plumage, but the female Gunnison is again about one-third smaller than the greater sage-grouse.  Male Gunnison sage-grouse conduct an elaborate display when trying to attract females on breeding grounds, or leks in the spring.  They will strut, flap their wings against their white pouches and utter a distinct series of sounds by vocalizing and popping two air sacs within their pouches.  Nesting begins in mid-April and continues into July. Click here for the full article.