Rocky Mountain NP Tours (Booking Now)

This spectacular Colorado ecosystem is a fantastic place for bird watching. It boasts 282 bird species and was designated as a Globally Important Bird Area. Many of the species in the park are unique to the mountainous habitat. Aspen, Ponderosa Pine, high elevation willow, spruce fir forest, alpine tundra and beautiful riparian area are some of the breathtaking habitats found in Rocky Mountain National Park. Also, one might see over 60 species of mammals, 11 species of fish, 141 butterflies and hundreds of wild flowers. Some sought after species that we could see include; White-tailed Ptarmigan, Black Swift, Williamson’s and Red-napped Sapsucker, Am. Three-toed Woodpecker, flycatchers, Gray Jay, Clark’s Nutcracker, Violet-green Swallow, Mountain Chickadee, Pygmy Nuthatch, Townsend’s Solitaire, American Dipper, Virginia’s and Wilson’s Warbler, Western Tanager, Brown-capped Rosy-Finch, Pine Grosbeak and Red Crossbill. Here is the Rocky Mountain National Park Birdlist. Come and spend a full 8 hour birding tour with us in the park! Photographers and large families are always welcome.  Let us help you make your vacation memorable by joining us for a birding tour today.

1-4 people

1 – 4 people is $400 total for eight hours

More people are always welcome but transportation will only be provided for three people in my Subaru Forster.

This full-day private tour will be created from your desired list of birds. If you have never been in the Rocky Mountains, we will create a good general tour to see as many species as possible.

A reservation system is currently in place for entering RMNP. Please make a reservation for our entry on the day of the tour for 7-9:00 AM. If you would like access to Moraine Park including Bear Lake and Cub Lake Trail, reservations need to be made even further in advance and need a special permit.

Additional Trail Details

5+ people


1 two-hour family hiking adventure with 5-12 people is $400, transportation is not provided. This is a great experience for large families with kids, grandparents and friends. Learning new and different things about your favorite hike will enhance your wildlife experience. We love kids so bring them along. Learn to listen to the wonders of the wild and see the small things that make this such a spectacular place!

*A reservation system is now in place for entering RMNP*. You are responsible for securing this permit.

**If your group would like to enter the Moraine Park area, a special permit is required**.

Trail options include;

  • Bear Lake**
  • Cub Lake Trail**
  • Lily Lake (fully accessible)*
  • Sprague Lake (fully accessible)**
  • Upper Beaver Meadows*
  • Other tails options are available

Additional Trail Details

She Flew Birding Tours photo
She Flew Birding Tours photo

Tour Overview

Tour Length: Full Day (8 hours)

Limit: 1-4 people

Focus: Birding, Photography

Pace: Moderately Easy

Price: $400

Season: June & August for 2023

Trip Reports & News

She Flew Birding Tours photo
She Flew Birding Tours photo
She Flew Birding Tours photo