Educational Workshops

What workshops are offered?

These are a series of three bird watching educational workshops grounded in science and discovery. These four hour educational workshops are timed for maximum bird observation, science instruction and fun. Given throughout the school year, the first workshop is in the fall, second in winter and the third in spring. Each workshop will include an indoor and outdoor component.

What ages work best?educational workshops

There are two different age appropriate workshops, fledgling and sub-adult. Student ages 5-13 will be in the fledgling group and ages 11-18 in the sub-adult group. You will find that I can instruct, motivate and inspire with a variety of ages within the same group.

What is the educational value?

A variety of science standards from the CDE required list are covered throughout these educational workshops. Please see below for more details. As any teacher will attest, learners pay more attention to someone new. With over twenty years of teaching experience at both fledgling and sub-adult levels, I know how to keep them engaged and inspired.

          Fledgling Workshop Level

  • Life Science – up to 9 different depending on the age/grade
  • Earth Systems Science – up to 4 standards depending on the age/grade

          Sub-adult Workshop Level

  • Life Science – 4 different standards
  • Earth Systems Science – 4 different standards

educational workshopsLocation

I can come to you. Let’s find a friendly public space with a great outdoor area. You might need to transport your students a short distance depending on your home/school location.

What are my qualifications?

I’m an energetic and motivational person with an understanding of pacing for different ages. With over 25 years of bird watching experience, I know the birds and their songs. As a retired educator with 22 years public school teaching, I have degrees from Ohio State and Morehead State Universities. Having taught in Ohio, Florida and Colorado, I understand all kinds of kids. My Colorado Teaching Certificate is current and ready to be used. Finally, I have been decorated as teacher of the month/year in all three states. Fill out the contact us page to get started today!

Educational workshops

Workshop Overview

  • Class 1 – Bird Structure & Feeding Behavior
  • Class 2 – Population & Identification
  • Class 3 – Migration & Weather


  • The cost of each workshop is $250.
  • I provide materials & travel to your location.
  • If the group is over 25 children, a $10 per student fee will be added.
  • Parents welcomed and encouraged to participate at no additional cost.
  • Each parent will need to sign a liability form prior to the first workshop.

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She Flew Birding Tours photo
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